Innovation Ecosystems in Learning Technologies and Education

New approaches to learning emphasize connecting the nodes and navigating the network to build content with context. This approach is equally relev

Visualizing Innovation Ecosystems Workshop, Sept. 28, Finland

Following the successful Innovation Ecosystems Summit this July at Stanford University, IEN team will be participating a MindTrek's Partner Session i

Innovation Ecosystems Summit at Stanford University

“In periods of turmoil, industry transformation is a given. There are two kinds of companies, ones that play chess and ones that play checkers. The

IEN @ InJo: Think and Do Tools: Mapping Consumer and Business Innovation Ecosystems

Visibility for Innovation’s Intangibles Innovation narratives tell stories of people and their relationships.  They trace the flow of resources

Internal and External Innovation Ecosystems in China 2.0

Strategic value creation networks have become critically important in technology development and economic growth; co-creation relies the relationship

Semantic Analysis of Energy-Related Conversations in Social Media: A Twitter Case Study

Martha G. Russell, June Flora, Markus Strohmaier, Jan Pöschko, Rafael Perez, and Neil Rubens; "Semantic Analysis of Energy-Related Conversations i

Interfirm Network Analysis of Greentech Innovation Ecosystem

The current Greentech Innovation Ecosystem is emergent, as illustrated by the figure bellow.  We anticipate the network development by identifying en

A Network-Centric Snapshot of Value Co-Creation in Finnish Innovation Financing

A Network-Centric Snapshot of Value Co-Creation in Finnish Innovation Financing is to be published in Open Source Business Resource in March 2011. Th

Dense Networks and Access to Capital

Alumni Network Analysis What does it take for a university to produce alumni who get money to start companies? The alumni networks of four leading u

Value co-creation networks and social media conversation

During November 13 to 16, Behavior, Energy and Climate Change (BECC) Conference has been held in Sacramento, CA. This year, the BECC Conference is th